Monday, December 19, 2011

Recent Happenings

Meagan and Tanith's visit!

Tanith and her horsey

making cookies with grandma


the apple does no fall far from the tree

making rice krispies at the cousin's

Great grandpa and grandma

story time with grandpa

oh my goodness...where did she get that habit from? 

Aunt Susan come play with me

Sunday "rest" with Samantha

Family picture time

goof balls

like niece

Tanith and Uncle David and Aunt Tab

Grandpa and Grandma

The last three

Part of the McNeilly Family...good job Tanith

"Uncle David, kiss Aunt Tab and Ill take your picture" 

Aunt Susan and Tanith

Grandpa made us a tent

Coloring with grandma

Grandpa and Grandma recorded a book for I can listen to them when we are far apart.
We all had a wonderful time and miss Meagan and Tanith alot. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

We are proud to be your kids! You are the best dad in all the world!

You are our security

You are our protector

You stand for what you believe

You've shown us the path to take by just taking the path yourself

You are most importantly the Godliest man we've known

You love us no matter what

You make us proud and we hope to do the same for you

Your love for us is constant

Dad, we love you and are so thankful for YOU!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Big House

Susan bought Michigan tickets for Dad's birthday. The whole family ended up going. Instead of candy selling, we tailgated! :)

David and Tab

Mom and Dad

We  had never tailgated before, we had been to hundreds of games. Unfortunately, we had always sold candy.

Tab and Sus

You cannot go to a football game without playing some

A wanna be :)

Dad has always been a great coach...teaching us all kinds of sports... father like son...

...Tab is learning very fast.


What a way to start off football season

Michigan's new jumbotrons (HD)

Warm ups

Mom and Dad were getting out of the sun during practice. They are almost to the top...92nd row and we took a picture of them from the field.

Our new coach, Brady Hoke

There he is....Denard Robinson...

...the best quarterback. 

Not only is he a good quarterback, but a great kid. He is a humble, Christian boy!

Here they come!

The back just in time for the first game! :)




Mom and Sus

Everyone is evacuating the stadium. We had to evacuate twice due to severe weather. The second time we had to leave the stadium and they declared it a victory. Quite exciting...the first time they ever evacuated.

Within 10 minutes everyone was out.

It was such a fun and exciting day. Dad had not been to a game in years, I think he had a good time.