Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mom and Dad's Trip!

Dad was asked to speak for a conference at Jack Lamb's (an old Fairhaven student) church in Arizona. They flew down there a few weeks ago for a week. This is part of the Lamb's church.

Jack and his wife, Lindsey getting ready for the evening service.

This is Arizona for you! :) If you like hot and would love it here! :)

Beautiful parents!

Mike Perham (another old Fairhaven student) and his family were also part of the conference. My parents enjoyed seeing their old students still following the Lord and excited about their ministries. I'm sure they had alot of old stories to tell too! :)

The Lambs and Mom and Dad

For some reason my Mom had it in her head that Jackson Hole, WY (her favorite place in the world) was via Arizona! I am still trying to figure that one out! :) They ended up spending a few days in Jackson Hole and then preaching in Utah on the way home!

Mom can never seem to get enough pictures of the Tetons. If you don't believe me...ask the other members of our family how we went from "one emerald green lake with trees and mountains to another emerald green lake with trees and mountains." We are kind of glad we weren't invited! :)

My handsome father! :)

They evidently saw a moose...pretty neat for a picture!

This is also another picture that we have thousands of in our house! My mother for some reason just LOVES this barn and the mountains in the back. I think she would live there if she could. She has already "called" my dad to start a church out west...thankfully my dad hasn't gotten that "calling" yet! :)

They also went to Jenny Lake and hiked up to the falls! I must admit they are gorgeous!

She is in her glory!!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The stagecoach stop! They actually do a "shoot 'em up" every night!

They had a wonderful time and I am so happy they were able to get away and have a nice rewarding time! If you have never been to Jackson Hole...we would HIGHLY recommend going!

The Children's Church Activity!

Mr. David is in charge of our Children's Church ministries and had a little activity with them the other day! The kids really enjoyed going put put with him! 

I don't think they knew what they were getting into! :) This group started close to the beginning and ended last! :)

Julie from DeWitt

Kizzy from our Lansing route

Mr. David!

The three amigos

Brooke finally got it down towards the end that she had to hit the ball and not drag it the whole way! :)

The three stooges...literally


Ashley and Autumn from our St. John's route...they have been so faithful and grown spiritually! That is what it is all about!

Brandon and Alex...there is only one word for these guys...trouble..

Brooke and Deanna


The older boys

Derek...still had chocolate on his nose! :) We love the kids we bring in and the Lord has really given us a good core of kids. They are so much fun to be around and really have a heart to do right! Pray for all of us that we would be able to find more to minister to and that the Lord would use each of us in these kid's lives!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!! We love you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Primary Election 2010

This year Dad, David, and Susan ran for Precinct Delegates!!! That means we were on the ballot. In a few weeks we go to the State Convention and vote for the Secretary of State and Attorney General. This is our bumper sticker that we created! :)

David took this picture in the voting booth Tuesday! Pretty neat to see our names on a ballot :) We only have to have three votes to become a delegate. We all ended up getting 170 votes each!

The elections went well...the Governor we wanted didn't make it but Brian Calley who we did a lot of foot work for won the 33rd District Senate Seat for the Republicans. We are praying for the elections in November and that our state would be turned around!