Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Christmas!

Christmas Morning 2010

I got a new Petticoat  

Mom's new alarm clock plus cd player

So relaxing

Dad got new satellite radio

David got an official warm up jacket from the University of Michigan

My present to dad. If any of you know my Father...he is a Speedway Rewards Points freak! :) I made him work for his present though! :)

Still unwrapping

Another box with scrap paper

and yet another box with an envelope...almost there!!

A gift card so he can LOTS of points!! :)

David has gotten into golfing in these past few years. So he will now be golfing in style and Im sure having a Michigan bag will make him World Champion golfer! :)

Tired from unwrapping presents :)

The bad

Grandpa and Grandma Ramirez (Mom's parents) and Grandma McNeilly came over for dinner!! They were a little cold!

If you know my grandparents...this is typical! 
We had a great Christmas celebrating with our family and remembering Christ's birth. 
Merry Christmas

Christmas Cantata

2010 Christmas Cantata
"Then Jesus Came"

Ladies Special

Our piano player

The two town gossips! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas with our Relatives!

The prep work at Grandma's house the day before we had Christmas. (Friday)
Mom making fudge

Grandpa being a big help :)

The pies baking

Grandma chopping nuts for the fudge...yuck! :)

Some of the mess

Christmas at my aunts the next day!

Everybody relaxing and waiting for the food!

The kid's end of the table. My cousins are so cute! :)

And there are the rest of us! :)

Aunt Cindy and Uncle Rick

Grandma and Grandpa! :)

Grandma opening presents

Some of the girls 


Uncle Joe opening his gift

My mom's two younger sisters...Aunt Missy and Aunt Michelle!

Of course, there is Brady! :)


My weird cousin, Anthony

Dad and I

Another weird cousin, Michael! :) Maybe it runs in the family!

I don't know who took this but I was really into the Bop It game my cousins got! :)
What a great family. I am so privileged to have such great aunts and uncles to look up to! I wouldn't trade my cousins for the world! Another great Christmas spent together!

Family Christmas Pictures!

The McNeilly Family (minus one)
We have not had family pictures since 2002 so we took a few this year.

Our house at Christmas time!

So beautiful and cozy!