Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Best Dad in the world!

We are so thankful for a Godly Dad!

A Dad who stands for what is right and follows God no matter what! 

We count it a privilege to be his family!

We love you, Dad! 
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grandpa McNeilly

My Grandpa still lives in our lives and still impacts us!

He was always there for each of us and never was too busy to talk to you! He was always doing things for other people and not worrying about himself! He was a very Godly man who didn't just talk it but lived it! 
This rose is from my grandpa...yes he may have died 3 years ago but his roses come up every year to remind us of a wonderful man that the Lord allowed us to have.

He worked for a fertilizer plant and knew every kind of plant and tree and just what to do to them to keep them alive. I remember our family helping him pull out tree stumps on the family farm and he had a spray bottle in his hand. He told me to walk with him and as we would pass weeds he would spray it with his heavy duty chemicals and tell me not to touch it because that is what gave him cancer. That day I didn't realize how fast a life can go! Every time I walk past the roses growing next to his reminds me of the man my grandpa was: loving, caring, encouraging, Godly, selfless, and much more! 

This flower may be dead and has been since January 31, 2008, but I am so glad that even though the life of a flower is beautiful for a short time and eventually dies and will never be a beautiful blooming flower again...

...the physical life will someday die but the eternal life inside will always be in bloom. Someday we will see Grandpa again and it will be far more beautiful than a blooming rose!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Michigan vs. Notre Dame Game!

We watched the Michigan/Notre Dame game this afternoon with much nail biting!
There were lots of mistakes and things to work on for both sides. Both sides did well which made it a fun game to watch.
Of course on a cold and rainy football day Mom had to make her homemade chicken noodle soup! Good "tailgating" food! :)
Our red shirt freshman quarter back has done a phenomenal job this year! "Shoelace" is what they call him! :) It was a good game for both teams!

Michigan: 28
Notre Dame: 24

Friday, September 10, 2010

DeWitt Forever!!!

Tonight we went to the DeWitt/Haslett football game. They are conference rivals and DeWitt has won for six years in a row. My aunt and uncle from Charlevoix were down so we had a family get tailgate.

I didn't get a picture of it but we had a huddle to to always stick with the theme. :)

Our cousin, Abby...she is second to the youngest of us grandkids.

Grandpa and Dad talking about football!

David and Uncle Rick...not sure what they are talking about? :) Notice David's shirt! We told part of our family that are Notre Dame fans that we are friends today and enemies tomorrow! (the Notre Dame/Michigan game is tomorrow)

Three of the cousins: Gracie, Rachie, and Abby

Three of the sisters and grandma (not talking about football! :)

Susan and Grace

Of course Big David and the cousins have to get a football game going or run some plays! :)

Sorry about the video...I only had my phone. It was really loud anyways but the reactions are fun to look at :) This is the beginning of the game when the band played the fight song and players entered the field.

This is the second to last touchdown. We lost the ball on the 20 yard line with 4 minutes to go. Haslett scored a touchdown with 2 minutes left. The score 20 to 20 we made it to the 5 yard line with 20 seconds left and scored leaving 11 seconds to play. Haslett throws on the first down and we intercepted it and ran it in for a touchdown. 33-20!!! What a game!

The students stormed the field after the game.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Michigan vs. Connecticut Game!

We watched the Michigan vs. Connecticut game this afternoon! We have been anxiously awaiting football season! 

We ended up having a "tailgate" party at my aunt's house. David is enjoying himself as he said he has waited 288 days for this day! He hasn't been home for football season for 3 years. :)

The beginning...

...and the end!!! We won! 30-10