Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dad's Still The Same!!!

Dad is still alive and kicking!! :) We went to a game that he reffed last night. It was a little school out in the country. It was their varsity game.

Meeting the Coach

 The National Anthem

The team

 Fist bumping the team

Panoramic view

Can you see him? Watching the team to make sure they are dressed properly

In action

Calling a foul

Doing a great job...Go DADDY GO!!!

Yes, he still moves!! :) 

He did a great job!!! I think it was the first time the refs had a cheering squad :) We are very thankful for the dad the Lord has given to us and his willingness to work more to keep our family going!! The Lord is good!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Teen Activity

Unlike the other teen activities my parents do this one was different. This didn't have anything to do with sports or contests or anything else like that. They dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant and then to see the Michigan State Band perform at the Wharton Center. 

The teens at the resaurant

Alex and Caleb

One row of the teens 

Being goofy

This is Alex...he is the one that got saved a few months back that is in dad's school where he works. What a great blessing.

This is Robert another boy from my dad's class at school! He went out and bought a shirt and pants to go to this!! :) He loves coming and has a great personality

Peter Rene' (the Rene's just returned from Belarus to be with their dad as he goes through treatments.) Pray for the Rene's family if you could! They are missionaries to Belarus and their Dad has major migraines and symptoms from the Gulf War.

Alex and Robert agian

A guest conductor from UCLA

It was a very unique performance. We got some culture that night! :)

The teens with dad

The teens with Mom and Dad

And then there are the boys! What goof balls! :) It was a good night and neat to see how much our teens have grown spiritually and in quantity! The Lord is so good and has blessed our church beyond measure!

Ladies Serving Others

During the school year we have Ladies Serving Others once a month. The Ladies and girls get together and we do projects for Missionaries, Church Activities and Banquets, or laminating stories. It makes a wonderful night serving the Lord. I was able to speak this Thursday night for the first time. I am thankful the Lord gave me the experience and opportunity to share my heart and what the Lord has been teaching me! 


Priscilla Rene' and Marlene

Mama Rene' and Me :)

Lauren, Priscilla and Mrs. Spooner working on Stories for our resource room.

Mrs. J always being a servant :)

Mrs. Cole filling candle holders for our Couple's Banquet this week!
Looking forward to next month and being able to serve the Lord together as a church. The Lord has been so good to our church!

The 2011 Michigan Blizzard

The back yard half way through!

Our front porch. The bush was having a rough time staying up from the heavy snow on top of it.

Our is there...I promise :)

Our street out front half way through the "blizzard."

The after fact. Our electric box almost buried and the snow almost up to the window of our neighbors car! Dad and David had three snow days due to working in a small school in the middle of nowhere where they don't plow until a week later! :)