Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Heros In Our Lives!

Corporal Charles McNeilly
Served: 1952-1955

Grandpa/Dad may not have died in the service and may not even had a big part in the freedom of our country, but he died a hero in our lives.

He taught each of us so many invaluable lessons and is truly missed. He was always there when any of us needed him and was willing to drop anything to help. He wasn't just a grandfather and dad but a true and irreplaceable friend.

Andrew Wayne Smith
April 21, 2001 - December 4, 2010

Another Hero!
Though he may not have been in the service or even fought to keep our freedom, he fought a strong battle!

He impacted so many lives and has such a great testimony in our community. He went through so much and fought many physical battles and yet always had a smile or chuckle.

Many dart gun wars, many trips to the Community Music School, many softball games, many trips to the hospital, so many fun times. He is always missed!


  1. O my word this made me happy, sad, cry and smile all in one post! Well done Susie Q well done.

  2. That was a truly touching post and tribute.