Thursday, August 5, 2010

Primary Election 2010

This year Dad, David, and Susan ran for Precinct Delegates!!! That means we were on the ballot. In a few weeks we go to the State Convention and vote for the Secretary of State and Attorney General. This is our bumper sticker that we created! :)

David took this picture in the voting booth Tuesday! Pretty neat to see our names on a ballot :) We only have to have three votes to become a delegate. We all ended up getting 170 votes each!

The elections went well...the Governor we wanted didn't make it but Brian Calley who we did a lot of foot work for won the 33rd District Senate Seat for the Republicans. We are praying for the elections in November and that our state would be turned around!


  1. How cool is this??? And the theme from "The Man from Snowy RIver" is a KEEPER! Soo cool...think I will just leave this site up all day and listen to it!

    Love you Suzy-Q

  2. P.S. PA-Leese send me a bumper sticker, would ya? ;-)

  3. Anything for you, Deena!! :)The Butterfly is still on here though!! Do you really want one? We have a few left. The election is over but if you really want one we can send you one ;) Let me know and ill get it to you! :) Love you guys!