Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grandpa McNeilly

My Grandpa still lives in our lives and still impacts us!

He was always there for each of us and never was too busy to talk to you! He was always doing things for other people and not worrying about himself! He was a very Godly man who didn't just talk it but lived it! 
This rose is from my grandpa...yes he may have died 3 years ago but his roses come up every year to remind us of a wonderful man that the Lord allowed us to have.

He worked for a fertilizer plant and knew every kind of plant and tree and just what to do to them to keep them alive. I remember our family helping him pull out tree stumps on the family farm and he had a spray bottle in his hand. He told me to walk with him and as we would pass weeds he would spray it with his heavy duty chemicals and tell me not to touch it because that is what gave him cancer. That day I didn't realize how fast a life can go! Every time I walk past the roses growing next to his reminds me of the man my grandpa was: loving, caring, encouraging, Godly, selfless, and much more! 

This flower may be dead and has been since January 31, 2008, but I am so glad that even though the life of a flower is beautiful for a short time and eventually dies and will never be a beautiful blooming flower again...

...the physical life will someday die but the eternal life inside will always be in bloom. Someday we will see Grandpa again and it will be far more beautiful than a blooming rose!

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