Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Untraditional Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We hope that everyone has had a wonderful day thanking the Lord for what He has graciously given us. Our thanksgiving is usually combined with Christmas. We call it...Christgiving. (my grandparents go away for Christmas so we have it early) This year it was completely different. My parents went away! As our thanksgiving meal usually looks similar to this...

....we ate it here instead with my aunt, cousins, and grandparents. It was very delicious and alot cheaper than preparing one! :)

My parents are in route to Australia. Dad has been asked to speak at a college and then several churches while they are there. This is him in line waiting to go through security!:)

They had a lay over in L.A. and were able to meet up with my Big Brother!! They are now getting ready for their 16 hour flight to Australia. Pray for my dad as Im sure most know how calm and patient he is! :) Also, that he would have a clear mind as he preaches 3 hours after arriving. Jet lag can kill ya!! :) 

We miss you and love you, mom and dad!!


  1. I guess if 16 hours was really hard for your dad, 20 or more to come here will be like torture, huh?! Hope it wouldn't make him rethink about coming!!! =)

  2. Oh no...that was 16 hours from L.A. It was five from Detroit to L.A. It was hard for him but I think even harder for my mom! :) We would come in a heart beat if we had the money. Tell Mama Rene' I said hello! And of course, Pete!