Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Marauder's Basketball Team

At the school where Dad and David work they have started a basketball team. Dad and David are in their glory being able to coach! 


Dad works with emotionally impaired kids who have not had good homes to grow up in. David works with the kids who get kicked out of school. Putting these two groups together is quite the combo! :) Some of Dad's students from school have been coming to church and one was saved this past fall and has really been growing. The Lord is good!

Working hard for their coaches

The defense

The third assistant :) I was able to go to school with them one day and go to their first game so I was honored with a coaches shirt! :) 

The team ended up not showing up and so Dad and David split their team up and they did a scrimmage. 
This is David coaching his team. 

Dad and his team (who won:)


They did a great job and had great attitudes. I know the Lord is using Dad and David in this school with these kids. I love to go to school with them and see the change in the kids. They definitely have their moments but they are just like the rest of us and just need the Lord. We pray that God will use Dad and David to get a hold of these kids!


  1. basketball..coaching..yep..david is in all his glory..hahah :)

  2. Wow! It was great catching up on all of your posts, Susan! Loved all of the pictures! Tell your Mom I said Hello! It was GREAT to see you all a few weeks ago!