Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Finishing Product

Tab and David's apartment is almost complete!!

Right outside the apartment building on Twinbrook Dr. They are on the third floor! 

Can't you tell she is so glad to finally have a place to settle down

We had some great help come for a few days. One of Tab's best friends, Nicole came to help organize the chaos. :) She helped Tab with most of the decorations as the rest of us do not have much of or any decorative bone in our bodies! :) 

Tab and Nicole


We had ran out of paint for the living room so we were finishing up so we could start the decorating.

The pictures do not do justice! This is the dinette as you first walk in the front door. 

The kitchen is the first room you see

notice the M on the stove

This is the shelf in the kitchen above her sink. The lamp adds a homey feel!

Can you tell she likes red?

left side of the kitchen...

...right side.

To the very right of the door when entering

The living room sits to right when walking in the front door. The garage sale winner...the entertainment center.

Adding a piece of home

Right above the couch

So much better than sitting on the floor. Now we can eat lunchables in luxury! 

As you walk down the hallway the bathroom is the only room on the left hand side.

This is the "Michigan Room." They have decorated it with Blue and Yellow in honor of David's wish! :)

Their room is still in progress. The bed is finally up now but they are looking into mattress sales. It will be beautiful!

Thank you so much, Nicole for all your expertise and your vocab! We learned alot! It was truly a pleasure to have you here for a few days! We will call you when they move and have to repaint everything! :)

Heritage Baptist Church...will we see you here in 13 days? 

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