Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Camp

We had our family camp at Shady Green Pastures. This was our first year to have one and it turned out really well.

Pastor Courtney Lewis from Chicago was our speaker! He was Mom and Dad's dorm son (of course, a dorm brother to us kids :)! It was nice to hear how the Lord is working in his church!

This is where we had each of our sessions. Very beautiful view!

The trio did pretty well for not having a piano

Mr. and Mrs. Spooner and Susan

During the day when we didn't have sessions the kids LOVED riding the paddle boats and canoes! No one fell in but there were a few blondes that tried paddling off when they were still tied to the dock :)

On Tuesday we had the Heritage Baptist Summer Olympics 2010! A Few of the pictures from the games...

At the end a few of us stayed and played games while the kids went swimming.

Ok I must say I beat pastor twice that night in Monopoly Deal! He is still "upset" about it :) If you don't know pastor, his motto for games is, "If we can't win we will cheat, cheat, cheat!" :) Of course he is joking but he is just like my dad in competitiveness!

Those few couple of days were very relaxing and spiritually nourishing! We thank God for the great time of fellowship and for speaking to our hearts! We look forward to next year!

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