Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vacation 2010

The past few years we take a vacation up north to my aunt and uncle's cottage in Petoskey, MI. They have a cute little cottage on a lake with a pontoon boat, speed boat, and jet ski. It makes out to be a nice and relaxing week. This year it was just Mom and Susan. Dad is preaching in AZ in a few weeks and couldn't take off work any more and David was house sitting. It was a very nice Mother and Daughter bonding time :)

The cottage

The view from the cottage

The two boats...

and the jet ski

Monday was a relaxing day. On Tuesday we went to Charlevoix to see Aunt Cindy and Uncle Rick. Charlevoix is so beautiful! This is the bridge in the downtown that raises every half hour.

The view from the bridge looking out into Lake Michigan

Walking to the lighthouse

Wednesday afternoon we went to Big Bear Adventures to go on a tubing ride down the Sturgeon River. It was very relaxing and fun!

The place was right next to this state park and we had to take a picture for our Burtt friends :)

On Thursday we went to Harbor Springs and took a ride on this charter boat around the harbor and learned some very interesting things. We also ate lunch at the restaurant in the background. Very beautiful!!!

This boat is called the Go Fourth and is owned by one of the Fishers from Fisher Body in Detroit.

This boat was also docked on the tour and was being repainted and polished. This boat used to be chartered by Julie Andrews. That was neat!

On Harbor Point there are over 80 mansions. It is a very secluded place. Starting on July first automobiles are prohibited on the point. Each mansion have their own staff who buys the groceries, cleans, cooks, and whatever else they want them to do :)

They have a horse and buggy that come down the point every half hour to pick up anyone who needs to get to their cars at the gate. There are many famous millionaires that live here. Some include: The Bissell family (vacuums), The Fords (car), The Marshall Fields (store), The Wrigleys (gum), ect. A very fascinating place with beautiful homes!

Harbor Springs lighthouse

The view from where we ate lunch at the Staffords

While we were walking along the dock we saw this boat! :) Great name!! :)

Friday we packed up and came home after a relaxing week!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Beautiful Blog. Love looking at all the pics. and seeing your faces brings back many memories. Always loved Mr. McNeilly's classes. Can still remember pulling on my pigtail many times and letting me play sports with they guys. Glad ya'll are doing great!

    Chris Burkhardt (Behrens)