Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Harvest Fest!

Our family is in charge of the teen ministry here at our church and we thoroughly enjoy it. The Harvest Fest was started by a church in Flushing, MI that had a heart to reach the unsaved youth. Every 4th Saturday in September they do this big event for many churches all over Michigan. There are about 1500 to 2000 teens that come. There is a farmer in the church that has an acre of land that they use to host with games, volleyball tournaments, concession stands, ball dunks, obstacle courses, and a HUGE tent.  

They have an evangelist come in for the day and have three different sessions for preaching. In between there are volleyball tournaments between the churches, the teens can play whatever games they want, and enjoy the competition. There are also two other tents set up for colleges and camps to recruit and present their ministries. Colleges from all over the country come!

Our church made it into the semi final round for the volleyball tournament!

Caleb seeing how fast he can throw! (not fast:)

The obstacle course

The boys group obstacle challenge :) This quite funny to watch!

Human Fuse ball 

The Seniors

Some of the "wonderful" teens :) 

It is a great day...a full and exciting day but yet a great spiritual blessing. We have seen many of our bus kids saved through this and we thank the Lord for this opportunity. 

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  1. WOW! Thats looks like a lot of fun! I know I would be there if I was a Michigan teen :) Also- what a great opportunity you have to minister to all those teens..what a wonderful work