Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The War of Special Forces!

A few weeks ago we had a group come to our church called the War of Special Forces. They travel around the country with this ministry. They go to Christian schools for the week and work with the teens while going into the nearest towns and getting the public school kids as well for three nights of the war. It's a great ministry and God has done very miraculous things with it.

We got to spend some time with just the team on the weekend. After church on Sunday nights our church always plays some kind of sport. Usually its volleyball! :)

The first two days the team goes out recruiting in the public schools and wherever they can find teens to invite them in for the war nights on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. There are three teams: The Marine Reacons, The Navy Seals, and The Army Rangers. The team captains are always looking for teens for their teams that week. The nights involve two different games, team competition, trivia questions, food, and a gospel message. Wednesday night they played three way volleyball...

...then tube tug which is always fun to watch the girls get involved! :)
Wednesday night we had a little over 50 teens there and 13 were saved. The Lord did a great work that night. Because we don't have a Christian school the week is geared toward the unsaved. 

The team cheer competition

The Marine Reacons

The Navy Seals

The Army Rangers

On Thursday night they played three way basketball...

....and Spoke Tackle. In this game you can pretty much do anything you want to the people running next to you so you can make it around first. It can get pretty rough! :)

Thursday night in the service was a little rough with some of the kids that came but in the end the Lord got the victory and 5 more kids were saved! We had 67 teens there that night! What a great opportunity!

On Friday night it was tug of war...

Brother Barber (who was taking Dr. Jim Van Gelderen's spot for the week)

...and big ball bowling

Samuel Barber...he is so cute!!!

Some of the Marine Reacon team who won the week!

It was a great week to see what the Lord can do! 24 accepted Christ as their Savior and it was good for our teens to see our mighty how God is. The next Sunday we had 28 teens in our Sunday School which usually runs about 15! The Lord blessed and we are praying to see growth in each of these kids. The neat thing for our family is that two kids from my dad's emotionally impaired class where he works came and one got saved. He has been coming to church ever since then. The Lord is good!

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  1. That all looks wonderful! We will be praying for you to continue to see results.