Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas with our Relatives!

The prep work at Grandma's house the day before we had Christmas. (Friday)
Mom making fudge

Grandpa being a big help :)

The pies baking

Grandma chopping nuts for the fudge...yuck! :)

Some of the mess

Christmas at my aunts the next day!

Everybody relaxing and waiting for the food!

The kid's end of the table. My cousins are so cute! :)

And there are the rest of us! :)

Aunt Cindy and Uncle Rick

Grandma and Grandpa! :)

Grandma opening presents

Some of the girls 


Uncle Joe opening his gift

My mom's two younger sisters...Aunt Missy and Aunt Michelle!

Of course, there is Brady! :)


My weird cousin, Anthony

Dad and I

Another weird cousin, Michael! :) Maybe it runs in the family!

I don't know who took this but I was really into the Bop It game my cousins got! :)
What a great family. I am so privileged to have such great aunts and uncles to look up to! I wouldn't trade my cousins for the world! Another great Christmas spent together!

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