Monday, December 20, 2010

Mom and Dad's Trip to Australia

Dad was asked to speak in Sydney, Australia for a week and a half. They had an 18 hour flight to get there. 
Mom and Dad when they first arrived there.

The Hall Family
My parents stayed with them and were able to catch up on some old memories from their times at Fairhaven. Mom and Dad thoroughly enjoyed their time with the Hall Family.

David Hall
What a cutie! :) He was Dad's soulwinning parnter.

Daniel Hall (the youngest)

They took Mom and Dad to a petting zoo where they saw kangaroos, koalas and all sorts of Australian animals.

First Baptist Church where the Halls are at right now. Dad preached here the first Sunday that they were there.

They had a conference which Mom was able to speak to the ladies. They are very sweet and Godly ladies.

All the pastors and their wives that attended the conference. Most of these pastors are in the Sydney area.

Dad with the teen guys...typical teenagers! :)

Dad was able to preach 13 times in 10 days. On Friday after the conference was over the church sent him and mom on a tour. They took a train into the rainforest and then a boat back to Sydney. They had a great time and loved seeing the beautiful sights of Australia.

I love this picture. Mom must have been shopping :) Read the bench!

The famous Opera House

Dad was brave enough to eat these things!!

This is their mall. Three floors and carpeted! They had this huge tree and all kinds of huge beautiful clocks with nice art work.

Dad got to do some street preaching. When they walked out of the mall there was a guy preaching and asked my dad if he wanted to give a few minute sermon. 

This is the pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Sydney. They are the ones who hosted the conference and also flew my parents over for the reason of my dad preaching their college graduation. They have a great college starting and growing. Dad said that the people there are just on fire for the Lord and some great people of God.

I cannot comment on this picture to only say that my dad got a official Aussie hat.

Dad and Mom were flown down to the southern part to preach for Chris Eckels' church. He and his wife also went to Fairhaven and were able to catch up on old times with my parents. This ended their trip and Mom and Dad flew another 18 hours home the next day! What a great opportunity!

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