Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

You've put your heart and soul into the family life we share,
Creating something special with your wise and loving care.

You've laid down a foundation that means more than words can tell,
Giving us the blueprints for the path to living well...
(The family before Susan came along)

You've built a safe place in this world where we can always go
For help and good advice and the integrity you show.
(The father daughter bond)

You've been the kind of father who's devoted, strong, and true
And that's why there's no end to all the love we feel for you.
(Michael graduation from college and David graduation from high school)

This Father's Day really comes from the heart, Dad, because you have worked so hard and given so much out of love for each one of us.
(Dad with his favorite granddaughter, Tanith)

Thank you for being a Godly Dad who never wavers!
(Dad carrying us off to bed)

Susan's graduation from high school

Dad with his two boys and his new baby girl!

David's graduation from college

Family photo from Susan's kindergarten graduation

Family photo taken in 2002...definitely have come along way! :)


  1. Dad's are the best! Loved the pictures! Your dad and mom look just like I remember them. You kids, however, have really grown since I babysat you about 14 years ago!!

  2. Hi, my mother and aunt have recently been talking about you and your family. They said that you were their college bible professor and have been trying to find you and regain contact. Their names were Catherine Gebhard and Christine Gebhard. They are both married now my mother Cathi having me and my younger brother, and my aunt expecting her first. If you read this please respond ASAP thank you

  3. This is his daughter susan. I remember miss christy and miss cathy. We have actually been trying to get in contact with them. If you could email me I will send you all our phone numbers. I don't want to put them online here. My email address is . Hope to hear from you guys soon.

    Susan McNeilly