Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vacation Bible School (Friday)

The last day of Vacation Bible School!
Of course the girls won the penny parade!!!

A few girls from Susan's class. (the one on the left is her cousin)

Susan's class made visors for one of their crafts

Award ceremony for the ones who said the most verses in their class

The 3rd through 6th graders that came on Friday!

Back to the skit! The bomb blew and Roscoe, Ruby, and the river rat gang came out alive but fried from the bomb explosion!

The townspeople FINALLY saw through their disguises and held them responsible for taking their money! They rewarded them with pies :)

Ruby had an inside connection and only had to get confetti for a pie :)

The Friday Fair!!!!

Mom's Duck Pond

Free snow cones!

Mr. Rogers with his paintball booth! (he really is a navy recruiter) 

Fishy Wishy (they got to take home fish :)

This picture shows the rivalry in our church! (of course Michigan fans are the best but it takes people awhile to come their senses :)

Free cotton candy!

The cupcake walk!


  1. I am glad to see Dr. still enjoys doing cotton candy!! :) Angela Morrow

  2. Oh he will always LOVE it! :) Im sure he does not miss making 1500 bags in a week! :)