Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vacation Bible School (Mon-Thur)

Vacation Bible School never has a dull moment!
Mr. David definitely gets into it

This year instead of having preaching and a story at class time we had a contest with memorizing verses. It seemed to go well and the kids loved learning new verses.

The cookie ladies :)

Along with saying verses at class time they were able to different projects each night.

Tom and Huck on the Riverboat Adventure!

The Judge

  Yes, that is David ("Dudley") getting a pie in his face! He was awarded pies three nights in a row :)                                   

Roscoe and Ruby Fox (bad guys)

Telling his river rats to steal the money! (yes, that is Susan as a river rat:)

The whole gang

Waiting for the other bus to get in :)

Mr. David getting them riled up :)

Our new handy dandy drinking fountain!

Game time

Craft time in Susan's class

Part of Susan's class

Preschoolers through 2nd grade

What we would do without cookie time?

The river rats waiting for their entrance

Captain Bixby and Dan

Looking evil :)

David ("dudley") fits really well into his cast as a dumb deck hand who can't speak!:)

Trying to keep Sid from tattle-tailing 

Captain Bixby getting a pie

Roscoe quoting "Shakespeare" :)

"Oh no boys and girls the bad guys captured Sid...what are we going to do?"

Roscoe is setting a bomb on the U. B. Friend Lee!!! Oh no!!! Will it blow up and the bad guys will win? You will have to come back later and find out!:)

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