Saturday, February 5, 2011

Teen Activity

Unlike the other teen activities my parents do this one was different. This didn't have anything to do with sports or contests or anything else like that. They dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant and then to see the Michigan State Band perform at the Wharton Center. 

The teens at the resaurant

Alex and Caleb

One row of the teens 

Being goofy

This is Alex...he is the one that got saved a few months back that is in dad's school where he works. What a great blessing.

This is Robert another boy from my dad's class at school! He went out and bought a shirt and pants to go to this!! :) He loves coming and has a great personality

Peter Rene' (the Rene's just returned from Belarus to be with their dad as he goes through treatments.) Pray for the Rene's family if you could! They are missionaries to Belarus and their Dad has major migraines and symptoms from the Gulf War.

Alex and Robert agian

A guest conductor from UCLA

It was a very unique performance. We got some culture that night! :)

The teens with dad

The teens with Mom and Dad

And then there are the boys! What goof balls! :) It was a good night and neat to see how much our teens have grown spiritually and in quantity! The Lord is so good and has blessed our church beyond measure!

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  1. So good to see Alex and Robert still involved in things!!! Praise the Lord for Salvation! Have a great week at the Holiness Conference!!