Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dad's Still The Same!!!

Dad is still alive and kicking!! :) We went to a game that he reffed last night. It was a little school out in the country. It was their varsity game.

Meeting the Coach

 The National Anthem

The team

 Fist bumping the team

Panoramic view

Can you see him? Watching the team to make sure they are dressed properly

In action

Calling a foul

Doing a great job...Go DADDY GO!!!

Yes, he still moves!! :) 

He did a great job!!! I think it was the first time the refs had a cheering squad :) We are very thankful for the dad the Lord has given to us and his willingness to work more to keep our family going!! The Lord is good!!

1 comment:

  1. He still looks the same and apparently acts the same, too! You all need to come vacation in Texas so we can see you again!